Animor®  Care Plan membership is…


Peace of mind for you

Easy to access and easy to use

One all-inclusive monthly membership


Keeps you in control

A choice of care plans to suit

No need for separate pet insurance

Joined-up thinking

Prevention is better than

Includes vaccinations, regular health checks and the smart use of technology

With 4 levels of membership

  • 6-monthly Animor Vitality®  health assessments
  • Vaccinations
  • Preventative treatment – flea, ticks, worming
  • Microchip
  • Anal gland expressions & nail clips
  • With Prevent you get everything Basics has to offer plus...
  • Annual blood & urinary analysis
  • Annual dental scale & polish (as required)
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • With Prevent & Care you get everything Prevent®  has to offer plus…
  • All treatment for any 2 conditions per year
  • 1 referral to a specialist per year
  • Telemedicine service provided by FirstVet
  • With Premier Care you get everything Prevent & Care has to offer plus…
  • All treatment for an unlimited number of conditions per year

Choose your pet’s membership to suit you,
and tailor it with Animor®  Options

Easy access for all pet owners

Be a Member
As an Animor®  Prevent & Care or Premier Care plan member there are no additional costs within the benefit limits of your chosen care plan, if your pet needs to see us for treatment. Also if you chose the option and it's right for your pet's healthcare, we'll soon be able to come and see you at home for some treatment or assessments. Select the care plan that suits you best.

Pay competitive rates for treatment at any one of our Animor®  Veterinary Centres, even though your pet is not a member.

Your pet’s
well-being & the Animor Vitality Index® 

We understand how much your pet means to you, which is why maintaining and improving your pet’s health, happiness and well-being is central to our approach.

All Animor® members have a six-monthly detailed Animor® Vitality health assessment which produces the Animor Vitality Index®  measure of their overall health. We’ll advise you how to improve their health before the next health check, and we’ll even reward you when your pet’s Animor Vitality Index®  improves.

If your pet’s an Animor®  Premier Care member, their membership is all you pay, it’s as simple as that!

Control everything from the Member’s App

We use the latest technology to make it easy and convenient to have all the joy of owning a pet and none of the hassle.

Get the app

You have a personal App to keep you informed of and in control of your pet’s health.

An easy to access online personal account with all the information you need.

Book vet appointments, receive medication reminders, find your local Animor®  Vet Centre & more.

How does
Animor®  compare?

We know it’s becoming increasingly expensive and complicated to be a responsible pet owner, but for Animor®  care plan members it’s simple and affordable. For one all-inclusive monthly membership subscription our members have access to our network of Animor®  Veterinary Centres, whenever they need us. There’s nothing quite like our Animor®  care plans.

We’re building a community

At Animor®  we share the commitment and the responsibility with you for the ongoing health and wellbeing of your pet’s – after all, we know that you’re better together ® .

We’re building a community of like-minded people who really understand and value the bond between pets and their owners, who share a passion to make pet ownership as enjoyable and fulfilling as it can be.