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Features & benefits of our Animor®  care plans

Many owners prefer to pay for healthcare and treatment only when it is needed. They then face the uncertainty of what health problems their pet might have, and the unexpected costs.

Animor's®  membership care plans are an alternative to this uncertainty — great value options to suit what you can afford and give you peace of mind. It’s a new joined-up approach to pet healthcare which takes the uncertainty out of being an owner and is designed to keep your pet healthy and keep things simple and affordable for you.

The future of pet healthcare

* Subject to the limit on conditions requiring treatment in care plan tiers and provided that treatment is at an Animor®  Vet Centre.


Peace of mind
for you

  • One all-inclusive monthly membership – so there’s no shocks or nasty surprises and nothing to pay when your pet comes to see us.

  • No complicated paperwork, claims process, hidden costs or excess fees to pay at Animor®  Vet Centres.

  • Designed around you: a member’s app for booking appointments, monitoring your pet’s health and more.

  • Easy parking at our out-of-town Vet Centres.

  • Can’t get your pet to our Animor®  Vet Centre for their AVI? If you opt for our Animor® Vet Centre Mobile Unit, our Veterinary Nurses can see your pet at home.

  • No invoices or claim forms – our treatment is free at the point of delivery for Prevent & Care and Premier Care members.

  • Animor®  care plan membership includes all the vaccination and preventative care your pet needs.

  • We microchip all our members – a quick, simple procedure that means if they go missing, they can be identified, and we can more easily access their health records when they come to see us.


Keeps you
in control

  • Three affordable, flexible levels of membership put you in control of cost.

  • No need for separate pet insurance or additional vet health plans.

  • Treatment for unlimited number of conditions in a year included for Premier Care members.

  • Once you’re a care plan member, there’s nothing extra to pay when your pet needs to see us*.

  • At renewal you can chose to change your pet’s membership to another level – we can only move your pet up a level if they haven’t had any treatment in the previous 2 years.

  • A discount of 10% on pay-as-you-go treatment for Prevent and Prevent & Care members if they require extra treatment beyond their care plan limits (excluding treatment related to breeding, spaying or castration, whelping or kittening and any specialist top-up treatment).

  • Rewards for improving your pet’s Animor Vitality Index® .

  • Our focus on preventative healthcare helps keep care plan costs competitive and predictable.

Joined-Up Thinking

Prevention is better than cure for your pet

  • Our preventive focus potentially spots problems before they occur.

  • Twice a year health checks using the Animor Vitality Index®  - we believe that prevention is better than cure, and by giving our members easy access to our highly qualified and experienced clinicians, we’ll keep your pets healthier. We'll even reward you when their pet’s health index improves between health assessments.

  • Animor®  staff are trained to the highest standards of veterinary care.

  • Free advice on diet and exercise for your pet.

  • We incorporate smart digital technology to deliver high quality care, communication and customer service.

  • Our modern built-for-purpose Vet Centres have been designed by experts with pets, owners and our staff in mind.

  • We include annual dental scale & polish (if necessary) and blood & urinary screening for all members.

Care Plan Membership options to suit you and your pet.
We offer both pay-as-you-go services and different levels of care plan membership to suit you and your pet. Your pet’s monthly membership depends on your pet’s details, what level of membership and what other Membership Options you’d like to add on. Here’s a summary...

Care Plan Membership

Monthly memberships (without options) from:
Preventative Care
2 Animor Vitality®  health assessments per year
Preventative treatment - Flea/Tick/Worming
Anal gland expressions & nail clips
Annual dental scale & polish – dogs & cats (as required)
Annual blood & urinary screening – dogs, cats & rabbits
Blood pressure monitoring – dogs & cats
Full body x-ray - rabbits
10% discount for 3 or more pets
Treatment discount for Prevent members, and Prevent & Care members with more than 2 conditions.-
Clinical Care
Conditions per year2UNLIMITED
Treatment Away From Home Animor®  Centre
Referral to Specialist Vets - number of conditions per year11
Complementary Treatment
Telemedicine service provided by FirstVet® 
Animor®  Vet Centre – Mobile Unit
Members Carbon Pawprint offset
Additional referral to Specialist Vets for one condition per year
Additional Pet Insurance (death from injury or illness, cremation or burial costs, theft or straying & holiday cancellation)
Nothing to pay at the point of treatment *
Purpose built Veterinary Centres with parking
20 minute consults
Members App and online booking, appointment & medication reminders
* Subject to the limit on conditions requiring treatment in care plan tiers and provided that treatment is at an Animor® Vet Centre