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Animor®  Pet Healthcare®  is taking a fresh look at pet healthcare, taking time to understand what pet owners want, and why some businesses in the pet healthcare industry are struggling to deliver it. The result is an innovative business model and ambitious plan’s that we believe will be a game changer for the sector, based on simple, affordable and joined-up Care Plans.

Based on our core values of PETS PEOPLE PLANET®  which underpin all our decision making we’re:

  • Totally health focussed, working with our Members owners to keep their pets happy and healthy, in a way that’s affordable and joined-up, even rewarding them for improving their pet's health,
  • Creating a business culture in which our colleagues will thrive and have the opportunity to follow their vocation and continued professional development, and
  • Doing everything we can to be nature friendly and minimise Animor’s®  impact on the environmental.

and take this unique opportunity to create something that will propel the whole industry forward.

Animor®  is at the start of the development of a national network of purpose-built Veterinary Centres and Hospitals. We have formed a coalition of leading strategic partners, enabling us to deliver health focussed professional pet care, and a unique customer service and value proposition for our members owners. We will harness data and use smart technology to help us work with our members owners, to improve the nation’s pet’s health.

The core of our philosophy is the recognition that our success will be driven entirely by pet owners, our colleagues and our partners collectively contributing to improved UK-wide pet healthcare. Something that everyone can feel proud of.

We’re already successfully attracting skilled, motivated, forward-thinking people in all roles who genuinely wish to be part of creating something new that’s in our view, long overdue in pet healthcare. These roles and the part they have to play in future may potentially have your professional DNA all over them - this is how we see the early-stage input from our teams. Our offer is open to future Vet, Nurse, VCA and Member Support colleagues.

If you’d like to have an informal discussion about Animor®  and the opportunities available, please email our Head of Resourcing, Mark Rowley at a suitable number and time to call.