Animor is the future of pet healthcare


Owning a pet can be a joy, but it also brings uncertainty; pet insurance can be confusing and raises questions of choosing the right policy, getting the best deal or the ever-increasing cost of annual premiums. If your pet falls ill, you face more worry because the policy may not cover the cost of treatment and you will have extra to pay.

Most owners prefer to pay for healthcare and treatment when its needed, facing the uncertainty of what health problems their pet might have, and the unexpected costs.

The Animor pet healthcare service is an alternative to both dilemmas—its affordable and gives you peace of mind. It’s a new complete approach to pet healthcare which takes the uncertainty out of being an owner and is designed to keep your pet healthy and keep things simple and affordable for you.

The future of pet healthcare


Peace of mind
for you

  • One all-inclusive monthly membership – so there’s no shocks or nasty surprises and nothing to pay when your pet comes to see us.

  • No complicated paperwork, claims process, hidden costs or excess fees to pay.

  • Designed around you: a member’s app for booking appointments, monitoring your pet’s health and more.

  • Easy parking at our out-of-town Pet Healthcare Centres.

  • Can’t get your pet to the Pet Healthcare Centre? If you’re a Prevent & Care+ member, our clinicians can see your pet at home.

  • No invoices or claim forms – our treatment is free at the point of delivery for Prevent & Care and Prevent & Care+ members.

  • Animor membership is all inclusive – it includes all the vaccination and preventative care you pet needs, as well as the

  • We microchip all our members – a quick, simple procedure that means if they go missing, they can be identified, and we can more easily access their health records when they come to see us.


Prevention is better than cure for your pet

  • All vaccinations & preventative treatment included.

  • Twice yearly health assessments.

  • Annual dental scale & polish, blood & urinary analysis.

  • Free advice on diet and exercise for your pet.

  • Twice a year health checks using the Animor Vitality Index© - we believe that prevention is better than cure, and by giving our members easy access to our highly qualified and experienced clinicians, we’ll keep your pets healthier. Well even reward you when their pet’s health index improves between health assessments.

  • Animor staff are trained to the highest standards of veterinary care.

  • Our preventive focus potentially spots problems before they occur.


Keeps you
in control

  • Comprehensive & all inclusive: no need for pet insurance or vet health plans.

  • Unlimited access for Prevent & Care+ members.

  • Once you’re a member, there’s nothing to pay when your pet needs to see us.

  • Three affordable, flexible levels of membership put you in control of the cost.

  • At the renewal you can chose to change your pet’s membership to another level – we can only move your pet up a level if they haven’t had any treatment in the previous year.

  • Monthly membership cost remains the same for the length of your pet’s life.

  • Discounts on pay-as-you-go treatment for Prevent and Prevent & Care members when they exceed their membership service levels.

  • Discounts for all Animor members.

  • Rewards for improving your pet’s Animor Vitality Index.

  • No additional charges.

  • Reduces the cost of keeping your pets healthy.