Quick Help

We hope you’ll find everything you need in our Quick Help, but if there are any other questions get in contact.

Why is Animor so different to pet insurance or a vet pet health plan?

There’s a lot of uncertainty that comes with owning a pet.

Some of us chose to insure our pets, but there’s still the uncertainty of not knowing whether you bought the right policy (pet insurance can be very confusing), did you get the best deal, how much will the premium go up next year, will the policy pay out when you need it to, will it cover the whole cost of the treatment and if not, how much will you have to pay?

Around three quarters of pets are uninsured, their owners preferring to pay for healthcare and treatment when its needed, facing the uncertainty of what health problems their pet might have and what the treatment is going to cost.

Vet health plans only cover the cost of annual vaccinations and perhaps preventative treatment.

Animor membership is a new alternative for all pet owners. Animor offers all pet owners a completely new approach to their pet’s health that’s a simple, safe and affordable alternative to the uncertainty of either pet insurance or paying for treatment when its needed. Your pets Animor membership can be all inclusive (for Prevent & Care and Prevent & Care+ members) and the treatment your pets will receive is free when you need it, giving you complete peace of mind that there are going to be no shocks or nasty surprises.

What’s Animor’s overall approach?

We put the health of your pet at the heart of everything we do, so we see all our members at least twice a year for an Animor Vitality health assessment, also giving all the annual vaccinations and other preventative treatments when your pet needs them.

Of course, Animor is there if your pet needs our help with a health issue.

Animor offers simple, comprehensive and affordable pet healthcare for its members.

What if I already have pet insurance?

You can still sign-up as an Animor Prevent member for all your pets’ vaccinations, preventative treatment, and twice yearly Animor Vitality health assessments. Then come and see us when your pet needs help and we’ll treat them on a pay-as-you-go basis. When you’re in the Pet Healthcare Centre let us know when you’re pet insurance is due to renew and when it does, you can choose for your pet to join us as either a Prevent & Care or Prevent & Care+ member.

What happens if I already have a health plan with a vet?

Let us know when that plan is due to renew, and your pet can join us then.

What if my pet needs treatment and I’m not a member?

Animor treat non-members on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis but once your pet has had its treatment if you register at the time to be a member, you will be given the first month's membership free.

What if my pet has what insurers call a ‘pre-existing condition’?

If your pet is not currently being treated for a condition and hasn’t seen a vet in the last 24 months, other than for vaccinations and preventative treatment, you can register them as a member.

How do I become a member?

Just go to the Register page, fill in some details, chose the level of membership, add the options that suit you, and we’ll let you know what your monthly membership cost is going to be.

I’ve registered to be a member, what happens next?

Download the Members App and make an appointment for your pets first Animor Vitality health assessment at your local Animor Pet Healthcare Centre within 2 weeks of registering. After that appointment your membership will be confirmed, and you’ll receive your Members pack and membership card.

What pets can be Animor members?

We welcome dogs, cats, rabbits and small furry pets (guinea pigs, mice, hamsters etc) as Animor members however because of the level of clinical specialisation required, we will refer owners of exotic pets (reptiles, birds, fish etc) to a local specialist practice.

Once my pet is an Animor member, can I go to any vet?

No, you have to take your pet to one of our Pet Healthcare Centres or the hospitals that are part of our network. The Members App will let you know where the closest centre is.

How do I contact the Animor Pet Healthcare Centre nearest to me?

You’ll find their contact details through the members App or on the website.

What happens if I have more than 1 pet?

We offer a discount to the normal membership cost for the second and any other pets you have, so sign them all up!

How long is my Animor membership?

Animor membership is renewable annually – we’ll remind you near renewal time.

What happens at the end of my membership year?

We’ll send you reminders as we approach the end of the year to renew your membership.

How do I pay for my Animor membership?

Your membership is paid monthly by direct debit or credit card.

What if I move area?

Check out the members App to find the nearest centre to you after you move.

Where’s the small print?

We’ve kept our membership as clear and transparent as possible, so there’s not a lot of small print. But as you would expect we do have a Membership Agreement which can be found under Membership Information.

What happens if my pet unfortunately dies during its membership?

Your membership will be cancelled immediately.

What is the Animor Vitality Index (AVI)?

The Animor Vitality health assessments are carried out on your pet twice a year and is our way helping you keep your pet healthy.

What if the AVI improves from one check to the next?

Animor will reward pet owners for taking our advice and improving the health index of their pet one AVI to the next 6 months later.

Where can I find an Animor Pet Healthcare Centre?

There is a national network of Animor Pet Healthcare Centre and network centres – the contact details of the nearest one to you can be found on the members App or on the website.

What do I have to pay besides my monthly membership?

That’s it, apart from food and anything else you need such as brushes, collars and leads.

As an Animor Prevent & Care member what does 2 conditions mean?

If your pet does unfortunately need to come and see us with a problem and your membership payments are up to date, we will treat up to 2 conditions in a membership year until they are resolved.

As an Animor Prevent & Care+ member what does unlimited conditions mean?

If your pet does unfortunately need to come and see us with a problem and your membership payments are up to date, you can bring your pet to see us for more than 2 conditions in a membership year.

What’s the members App?

The members App gives owners easy access to Animor to make appointments, check their pets AVI score to Animor through the Members App.

Are all pets eligible for membership?

Animals currently undergoing clinical treatment will not be eligible for membership. Only animals not currently undergoing treatment or not having undergone treatment in the previous 24 months (other than vaccinations and preventative treatment), can be Prevent & Care or Prevent & Care+ members. Pets undergoing treatment can be Prevent members and receive the Animor members discount for their ongoing pay-as-you-go treatment.

What’s not included?

Neutering is not included but at 20% discount for members.

Any treatment relating to pregnancy will be charged on a pay as you go basis but with the 20% members discount.

Why does Animor micro-chip all their members?

Microchipping all our members allow us to get access to your pets health record no matter which Animor Pet Healthcare Centre you visit.

What are the Animor Options?

You can tailor your pet’s membership to you by adding Animor Options once you’ve decided which level of membership best suits you and your pet.

Can I downgrade my pet’s membership e.g. drop from Prevent & Care to Prevent?

Members can downgrade the level of their membership at renewal.

Can I upgrade my pet’s membership?

Members can only upgrade their membership at renewal if they have not used any Animor clinical services in the previous 12 months.

What happens if I go on holiday?

Members will be able to access pet healthcare outside the Animor network of Pet Healthcare Centres or partner clinics.

Members who move or go on holiday and are therefore not near an Animor centre, will have be able to use any local veterinary practice up to £1,000 per annum per condition with a £250 contribution per treatment, covered by a Covea pet insurance policy.

What happens when my pet has used their annual service?

Prevent and Prevent & Care members will get a 20% membership discount on all treatment that they need to top-up treatment outside their membership. The membership discount will not apply to any top-up specialist treatment.

Can any dog be an Animor member?

Sporting and working dog’s excluding assistance dogs, can only be Prevent members of Animor. They will still benefit from a member’s discount on all pay-as-you-go treatment.