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One of the projects Animor's carbon offsetting is supporting

One of the projects Animor's carbon offsetting is supporting...

The Katingan Mentaya Project

The Katingan Mentaya Project is living proof that carbon finance can combat climate change. The largest program of its kind, it generates an average 7.5 million triple gold certified carbon credits annually; equivalent to taking 3.5 million cars off the road each year.

>90% of the carbon in the 157k ha project is in the underlying peat soils, (up to 13 meters deep). The area was under threat of conversion to industrial acacia, which would have resulted in the release of carbon through forest clearance, draining and burning of the underlying peat. The project offers a viable alternative to conversion, preventing the release of 447 million tonnes of CO2e over 60 years, making it the world’s largest forest-based avoided emissions project, with a total climate impact equivalent to the annual emissions of France.

Protecting High Conservation Value species

At 149,800 hectares, the project protects one of the largest remaining areas of intact peat swamp forest in South-East Asia. It is a Key Biodiversity Area due to its globally significant populations of orangutan, Southern Bornean gibbon and proboscis monkeys.

5-10% of the global population of Bornean Orangutan call this project their home...

Partnering with communities for transformative change

A key component of any good carbon project is the involvement of local communities. In Indonesia on the island of Borneo in the Central region of Kalimantan in partnership with 34 villages in the area immediately surrounding the project, we work to build capacity in community decision-making and identify sustainable initiatives for co-development.

100% of the project staff are Indonesian and 80% are local community members, embedding the project in local culture, and providing a living network for communication and learning.

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