Policy Information

Membership Policy:

At Animor we aim to provide the very best healthcare to all our patients, treating and caring for our members’ pets as if they were our own. We provide this service free at the point of care, a model which ensures that treatment decisions are based solely on what is best for both owner and animal without a financial constraint.

We strongly believe that prevention is better than cure but if intervention is necessary, we tailor our clinical approach to your pet’s needs. We also believe in working with our members to improve the health of their pets.

Every Animor member has a full clinical assessment with a veterinary surgeon when they first join us. This allows us to calculate their pet’s Animor Vitality Index or AVI, which is a measure of their overall health status. This includes looking at everything from lifestyle, diet, preventative care and current medical issues. A pet’s AVI will help us determine how we can maximise an animal’s health and wellbeing by working with owners to create an action plan for improving the index. The AVI will be reviewed every 6 months, including a healthy pet check and to give additional support to the owner. As an extra bonus, members will be rewarded when an improvement in AVI is achieved.

Standard of service

At Animor our services are delivered by qualified veterinary surgeons, assisted by qualified (RVN) or trainee veterinary nurses. All veterinary surgeons and qualified nurses are registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), so must act in accordance with their guide to professional conduct at all times. Animor is fully accredited by the RCVS PSS (Practice Standards Scheme) and maintains the standards accordingly.

Animor clinicians will only ever treat a pet based on our assessment of the medical need. Whilst we do have a team of highly trained and experienced veterinary surgeons, in some cases we may suggest, in the interests of our member’s pet, that we refer them to a specialist outside the Animor network. Those specialists are specifically chosen by Animor and will be as local as possible to the Animor Pet Healthcare Centre.

As stated, Animor is a membership organisation offering free at the point of delivery healthcare for our members’ pets, however, we will also provide veterinary services to non-members, who will be charged in the normal way.


Vaccination is an integral part of a preventative health care system. At Animor the vaccination regime is based on recommendations and guidance issued by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association and the British Veterinary Association. Protocols may vary over time, but at Animor we are committed to bringing our members the most up to date levels of veterinary care and will modify our recommendations accordingly. At present our vaccines include:

Dogs: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and 4 variants of Leptospirosis (and Kennel Cough, if required)
Cats: Adenovirus, Calicivirus, Feline enteritis and Feline Leukaemia virus.
Rabbits: Myxomatosis and two forms of Viral haemorrhagic disease.

Parasite prevention

Flea and worm control are essential for maintaining a healthy pet, and a healthy environment for pet owners. At Animor we recommend protocols issued by the Pet Health Council to minimise environmental contamination by round worms. There is now a wide variety of products available to control fleas and ticks in our pets, and we will be able to recommend a treatment that best suits you and your pet.


At Animor we encourage our members to neuter their pets. Neutering prevents unwanted pregnancies and has significant influence on diseases in females such as mammary tumours, womb infections (pyometra) and false pregnancies. In males, neutering can influence behavioural problems such as aggression, hyper-sexuality and roaming; and minimise prostate disease, testicular tumours and anal hyperplasia.

The timing of neutering depends on many factors such whether your pet is male or female, the species of your pet, the breed of your pet and the lifestyle of your pet. A tailored program will be made on your first Animor Vitality health assessment.

The procedures are routine and performed at our Pet Healthcare Centres on a daily basis. Both castrations (for males) and spays (for females) are day cases and are performed under general anaesthetic. Patients will almost always be able to go home the same day. There will be a period of convalescence at home after the Pet Healthcare Centre with pain relief provided.

If a member would like their pet to have pups or kittens, we strongly recommend that they have a discussion with an Animor vet or nurse about all the necessary requirements, and whether their pet is a suited. Animor is a pet healthcare club and does not allow breeders to become members.


We require all of our pet members to be microchipped. Not only is it a legal requirement in dogs over the age of 8 weeks of age, but it allows your animal’s identity to always be linked to you. Animor clinicians will use the microchip to confirm the identity of the animal and quickly and easily access a pet’s medical profile.

Post-operative care

All animal undergoing surgical procedures at an Animor clinic will be prescribed suitable post-operative pain relief. Checks ups will be scheduled at the time of collection. Most frequently a check is performed after 3 days but this may be modified to suit our member. In the majority of cases our clinicians will be using dissolving suture materials and so only one check-up may be required.

Advice is always available via the Animor member’s App or by telephone.

Prescribing policy

To comply with Veterinary Medicines Regulations, only veterinary surgeons may prescribe Prescription Only Medicines (POM-Vs) and only for animals under their care. We require that a member's pet is seen and examined every 4 months when they are on long term prescription medications. These can of course be booked via the Animor member’s App.

Return of medication policy is governed by The British Veterinary Association Code of Practice on Medicines (2000) which states: "Once stock has been dispensed, it should not be accepted back into the dispensary. No returned goods should be offered for resale because there may have been problems with storage conditions beyond the veterinarian’s control.”

This means that we cannot give refunds for returned medications as we are obliged to dispose of them. Out of date or unused medicines can be returned to the Pet Healthcare Centre for disposal, but unfortunately for non-members retuning medication, no refunds can be given.

Telemedicine & photography

Animor uses the latest in both clinical and more communication technology to deliver pet healthcare to our members, whether in the operating theatre or the members App. We also use photography widely in our Pet Healthcare Centres to support clinical notes and to keep our members informed.

Telemedicine will be included as part of the service we offer to our members, giving them the peace of mind that if there is something, they’re not sure of, an Animor clinician is at hand to give reassurance and advice.

Species separation

At Animor we appreciate that every species has very specific needs, and we optimise the conditions within our Pet Healthcare Centres and Mobile Clinics, to turn even the most stressful situation into a calmer and more peaceful environment for our member’s pet’s.

All our clinics are designed to comply with the highest Gold Standard of Cat Friendly Practice, based on recommendations by the International Society of Feline Medicine. Our waiting areas are separated to make sure our feline patients have a quieter area to be in and for example, we provide tables for cat baskets, as being at ground level can be terrifying for cats.

Equally, our in-patient wards are species specific and fully equipped for our feline and canine patients. Our small and furry patients are also kept well away from their predators! Every detail, including clippers, examination tables and kennel sizes are all designed to minimise your pet’s stress, and to optimise their recovery during a hospital stay. We also use pheromone therapy and music to make the wards as comfortable and soothing as possible.

Overnight stays

Depending on the geographical location of a member’s home, their local Animor Pet Health Centre may be outsourcing overnight care to a local 24-hour Veterinary hospital. Members will be given details if this is the case at the Pet Healthcare Centre.

Emergency and out of hours

In accordance with the RCVS Code of Conduct, Animor has a professional responsibility to provide 24-hour care for its members. Depending on your geographical location, your local Pet Health Centre may be outsourcing this care to a local 24-hour Veterinary hospital. All necessary information will be made available on the Animor members’ App for members to refer to in an emergency situation.

Use of anaesthesia

We appreciate that a pet going under general anaesthetic can be a frightening prospect to an owner. Animor utilises the most up to date drugs and technology to ensure that members’ pets are receiving the best possible care and monitoring. Every anaesthetic is monitored by a designated RVN who cares for the pet, from admission through to their discharge appointment. All Animor staff operate within Gold Standard protocols, to ensure every animal in our care is treated to the same high standard.

Pain management

Our driving force at Animor is working to improve pet health and providing the highest standard of care. Analgesia (use of medication to relieve pain) is a crucial part of our approach and is of utmost importance. Every patient is assessed individually, and we will tailor a pain management plan to match your pet’s needs. We use the Glasgow Pain Scale to score the level of pain and we then choose the necessary treatment.


When taken out of their comfort zones, patients can become fearful and can express this in an aggressive manner. At Animor we take all the necessary steps to make sure member’s pets are as comfortable and stress-free as possible, but in certain circumstances we may need to utilise restraining techniques. These techniques are to keep your pet and our staff as safe as possible. These can include the use of muzzles, special cages or gauntlets. If these fail, then chemical restraint (sedation) may be required but we will always ask for members’ consent, which our staff will discuss prior to any procedure.

Antimicrobial use

As part of providing an excellent standard of care, all clinical staff understand and follow the 7-point plan on the responsible use of antimicrobials:


It is our duty of care to admit and assess injured or sick wildlife. A close relationship with local rescue and rehabilitation centres will enable the release of suitable cases. Unfortunately, any wildlife that is severely injured or sick will be euthanised on humane grounds. To ensure your safety, please call your local Animor Pet Healthcare Centre for advice before collecting any injured wildlife.

Exotic pets

Small mammals such as rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, ferret, rat, hamster are very popular family pets and can become Animor members. However, owners of avian patients (birds including parrots, chickens, budgerigars, cockatiels, waterfowl, etc.), reptile patients (tortoise, lizard, snake), invertebrates (spider or other insect), amphibians (frogs, toads) or fish will be advised but referred to a specialist veterinary practice, as Animor does not have the facilities to accommodate these specialist species. Owners can contact the local Animor Pet Healthcare Centre for help and advice on a specialist veterinary Pet Healthcare Centre that can treat more exotic pets.


Our senior veterinary surgeons at Animor have all the qualifications necessary from DEFRA (Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) to issue Pet passports, and can advise our members on travelling with their pets within the EU and internationally. Because of regular political and regulation changes, we advise that member’s book an appointment at one of our Pet Healthcare Centres so that they can be advised of what’s required for their pets.

Unfortunately, international travel documentation and administration costs is not included in all levels of membership – members can check the website or members App to be sure.


Saying goodbye to our pets is always very emotional for owners. Our compassionate and highly experienced staff not only help members make the right decisions for their pets but will allow them plenty of time in a calm, comfortable and quiet room at our Pet Healthcare Centres.

Having this happen in the stress-free comfort of your pet’s home is an option at certain levels of membership – members can check the member App to be sure. However, we do ask that the registered member and owner be present to give consent for euthanasia. We reserve the right to refuse to euthanise a patient if the owner is not contactable.

Cruelty and welfare

We expect all our members to be responsible pet owners, work with us to improve the health of their pets and abide by the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Animal cruelty, abuse or neglect of any type will not be tolerated and if suspected, we reserve the right to immediately cancel an owner’s membership and to contact the relevant authorities.

Responsible ownership is also key to preventing dog bites. We believe that dog behaviour results primarily from the rearing and training provided by the owner, particularly in the first few weeks of life, and only in part from inherited characteristics. Animor will give ongoing advice to members on all aspects of behaviour.

All breeds pet have certain characteristics of overall appearance referred to as its “conformation”. Some of these conformation characteristics when exaggerated can lead to health problems, such as skin infections, eye problems or breathing difficulties. Regardless of what each animal looks like, it must be able to lead a happy and healthy life and be able to breathe, walk, hear and see freely without discomfort. Animor offers free advice to anyone considering having a pet regarding any aspect of pet ownership and on conformation where it is likely to cause ongoing distress to their pet, before the decision to have a pet is made.