Your pet’s monthly membership depends on what level of membership and what other Options you’d like to add on, so as a reminder...

What’s Included

Preventative Care
Animor Vitality® health assessments
Preventative treatment - Flea/Tick/Worming
Annual dental scale & polish
Annual blood & urinary analysis
Clinical Care
Conditions per year2UNLIMITED
Specialist referral conditions per year11
Mobile Pet Clinic at home serviceOPTIONOPTION
Insurance - 3rd party liability, lost & found, holiday cancellation & death benefitOPTIONOPTIONOPTION

Monthly Membership fees

Dogsfrom £25 per monthfrom £50 per monthfrom £80 per month
Catsfrom £15 per monthfrom £40 per monthfrom £60 per month
Rabbitsfrom £10 per monthfrom £25 per monthfrom £40 per month
Other Species*from £7.50 per monthfrom £15 per monthfrom £25 per month

We welcome small furry pets (guinea pigs, mice, hamsters etc) as Animor members, however because of the level of clinical specialisation required, we will refer owners of exotic pets (reptiles, birds, fish etc) to a local specialist practice. Please get in contact if you need more information.