Animor®  Sustainability

We believe we can all work Better Together®  on our mission to improve not just pet health, but the health of our planet too.

We’re a purpose led business and our core values of PETS PEOPLE PLANET® help to guide all of our decisions.

Climate change is effecting all of us, including our pets, and we feel a responsibility to ensure our environmental impact is as low as it possibly can be, whilst never compromising our clinical care.

As a new Veterinary Centre we have been able to put many green initiatives in place from day one, from powering our building with 100% renewable energy to a paperless policy on site, it all adds up.

We believe that you can’t manage what you haven’t measured, so we have partnered with the sustainability team at Eco Offset Ltd. We have estimated what our carbon footprint is likely to be in our first year and will be tracking our emissions as we progress.

But we’re not going to wait. It’s important to us that we take responsibility for our impact today, so we have decided to offset our carbon footprint.
We are proud to be a carbon neutral business.
As we grow we will monitor our carbon footprint and help our wonderful community of members and their owners to reduce their carbon pawprints too! Becoming carbon neutral is a great place to start but a bad place to stop, and for us here at Animor® it’s just the first step…
Reducing our impact
Below are just some of the ways in which we try to minimise our environmental impact and reduce our carbon footprint every single day:

  • Environmental credentials are a big factor in deciding who we chose as suppliers to Animor®
  • We are a paperless practice, using smart systems throughout the Centre to where ever possible eliminate our use of paper. We hate to waste paper and the best way for us to action that is to not use it in the first place!
  • Our electronics are always turned off completely or placed in to stand-by mode at the end of each day
  • We use LED lightbulbs and motion sensors make sure that lights are off when rooms are not in use.
  • Recycling bins in all rooms enable us to drive down the amount of waste that we send to landfill and we use washable drapes and scrubs in our theatres.
  • We buy eco-friendly, non toxic cleaning products and we don’t use any spot-on flea and treatments because of the damaging effects of the active ingredient in our rivers and streams.
  • Anaesthetic gases within practice can have a huge impact on emissions. We never use Nitrous Oxide and use low flow techniques to minimise leakage.
  • We will provide information on sustainable pet ownership and members will have the option to offset their Carbon Pawprint as part of their pets membership!
To provide the best possible care to our members, sterile and some single use items within the practice are needed to ensure your pets and our team are safe. Plant based bio-plastics (where available) and reusable drapes and scrubs, help us to recycle safely what we can and cut down on our waste production, whilst ensuring the high levels of hygiene needed within practice are maintained.
Better Together®

When we committed to take responsibility for our business impact, we knew we also had to account for our wonderful team, after all, we are Better Together®

We’ve calculated our team members individual carbon footprints and the impact their commutes to work will have on our emissions. Once we knew how big our team footprint was, we committed to balance that out by offsetting them in high quality, accredited projects around the world.

One of the projects that we are supporting is in the Amazon rainforest region of Peru. This project has one of the highest biodiversity of species in the country and protects the habitats of Orangutan, Pangolins and other species which are critically endangered.

5-10% of the global orangutan population call this project their home!
Lush tropical rainforests provide habitat for an incredible variety of rare and endangered wildlife.
By helping local farmers with the transition to sustainable cocoa production, degraded land is restored and deforestation pressures relieved. This creates a barrier to protect the rainforest and provides people with a forest-friendly and sustainable livelihood.
Find out more about our project here:
And we didn’t stop there… as well as protecting trees, we’ve also planted them, 171 to be precise!
Our tree saplings will extract carbon from the atmosphere as they grow, help contribute to soil health and improve biodiversity.
What’s next?

We want to do more and always aim to have a positive impact on the environment, while delivering the highest quality care for our members.

PETS PEOPLE PLANET®. is a long term commitment from each and every one of us here at Animor® and we hope you’ll join us in our mission to care for our Planet.

At Animor we care deeply about your pets, our people and our planet. Working in a sustainable way, with a positive impact on the environment is important to the whole Animor team, and something we know our customers care about too.
Patrick Magrath
Managing Director